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 ... Appealing,
   ... Great tasting ,
        ... Safe,

... Healthy.
... Appealing

Visual presentation of a dish is of the utmost importance to us:

A smooth sauce, carefully selected cuts, good presentation – all important details for customer appeal.
... Great tasting 

At APC we prefer vacuum pack cooking.

This is a slow-cooking method which keeps flavours intact and food tender. All the ingredients are carefully chosen and simmered slowly together giving each dish its own individual taste.
... Safe

Vacuum pack cooking has a wealth of benefits as well as reinforcing food safety:

Cooking the dish in its final packaging, complete control of cooking temperature and rate of cooling - this method ensures that any bacterial risk is limited.

... Healthy

APC is constantly striving to improve the composition of our ready meals.

Natural flavourings, carefully selected quality products, balanced seasoning.
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