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Christophe Naylor, Vetinary Doctor, manager of TETRAEDRE, management consultancy company for quality, food safety, environmental and work safety, explains APC's approach…

"APC's great strength is their capacity to anticipate....''

1) Could you remind us what the IFS Food standard is exactly?
IFS Food is a reference for the safety of foodstuffs created by and belonging to the large supermarket chains. It is a very detailed reference (over 280 requirements in version 6) covering all areas of the company (creation, purchasing, production, commercial, human resources, quality.., including management!) and which constitutes a pre-condition of supplying the major supermarkets.
2) The IFS standard has been applied by APC for a long time now, what is new now?
Indeed, APC already holds version 5 of the IFS certification. In fact since 2008 this certification has been validated to a higher level, the highest level recognized. What changes in 2012 is the arrival of version 6 of IFS Food. This new version includes a chapter relating to the notion of "Food Defense" or the prevention of ill-intentioned acts against the food chain. It was therefore logical that APC integrate these new requirements into its system of quality and food safety management.
3) How does APC's company policy go further?
APC as a company has a wider approach aimed at "operating safety". This means that, as well as the prevention of major risks, they target optimal operating performance (availability, responsiveness, production capacity). This therefore covers Food Safety but also Environmental and Health-Safety at Work. As an example, APC is listed as an Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and on that basis has been placed on a constantly updated administrative register.
4) What benefits does this mean for APC and their customers?
For APC it is a management approach which goes further that the simple quality and food safety process. For APC's customers it means the guarantee of a trustworthy and capable supplier, ethically-minded and always aware of any changes in regulation.


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